Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to the Garden Studio Gallery

Welcome to my Garden Studio Gallery
. Sharing the process and the finished painting is part of the enjoyment of painting for me. Through classes and following blogs of Leslie Saeta, Drema Tolle Perry Carol Marine,Kathy Coursart, Kelly McDonald and the tie that binds it all Jerry Stocks, I have found the entrance to a world of artists.  My appreciation goes out to all of them for sharing their journey. I am looking forward to this new year in my studio. There is always a welcome if you are  in this area to stop in for a visit or painting spree.


  1. Beautiful painting- warm and welcoming with all the gorgeous flowers! Having been to your fabulous home and studio, I just feel right at home. Love seeing this and think of you every day...Love what you paint and paint what you love!!

  2. Sandra I love your blog! I hope I get to see lots more posts. What a pretty color you chose for your background, too, and what a great title! I just saw your post on Facebook, and had to come right over to visit!