Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating a Painting in January


January always needs Warm Summer Colors because I am counting the days for warm weather. I know that is a joke for some of my family and friends in cooler climates,but I am a Hot House Rose
This was a demo for the Beaufort Art Association that I promised I would post. I will probably add some clutter on the table because that is just me but I decided to post as it was finished.  Below  are a few of the many steps of the painting. One of the steps clearly shows an important lesson I learned from Sharon Burkett Kaiser," if something is not working take it out!" About the time I was finishing I decided to take out a yellow lily and add more gerbers for the red to balance. That's the fun of painting I can do if I want to, it is my painting.


  1. Lucky Art Association! Yes, you did the right thing eliminating what doesn't work... as Peggi Kroll Roberts says "Be A Designer!" Lovely piece, Miss Hothouse Rose!

  2. I just loved seeing your process here. Wonderful post and beautiful painting! You have such a sense of style and that comes through in your paintings! I laughed at the hot house rose- Me too! Give me sunshine and heat:)