Sunday, April 29, 2012

When is a painting finished is one of the questions that plague an artist. My answer is  when I can think of no where else to add paint or it goes out the door. Hopefully both scenarios are in agreement. In January I did a demo and tried to keep it simple for me. I was pleased with it as a demo but not as a painting. Eventually it came back to me that there was not enough happening to balance the busy bouquet. So here we go.

Searching  for a painting  I began to draw with my oil pastels. There is always a point where you see what the composition  needs.

 I like the way it is moving but it is obvious the apple has to go away. That is the fun and the power as long as it is my painting I can be the decision maker. It is all about what I want. Life is great when you can have your way and just wipe out what you do not like.

Flowers and Sweetgrass Basket
Apple  is gone but there was a need for more tangerines and color in the window. It is always about balancing color for me.
This was finally finished and sign . So the answer is 31/2 months later I decide I have done all I can. 
 Flowers and Sweetgrass Basket is now ready for the Art and Flower Show at Colleton River Plantation, Sunday May 6, 2012.