Friday, November 11, 2011

Out of My Studio

The Path to the Water
oil on canvas
         The Path to the Water
It is always fun to paint with a group.On the way
to paint a beautiful water view with the
 path that was still in morning shade. I could
 not wait for the sun to come so I went on
down to the dock to paint There I found a great
 still life. Yes there was a beautiful water view
  but my love of flowers and still lifes won.
It was a wonderful day to be out.       

A Sink with a View
oil on gessoed panel
  A Sink with a View

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sharing the Adventure

One Empty Vase
For 22 years at Piccolo Spoleto, I have enjoyed meeting and encouraging others to paint , draw  or as one great lady said Glue something. To give yourself the time to create is a priceless gift and one I wish to encourage through my blog. Bear with me as I learn the mechanics  so we can continue this adventure.
My first choice is always as many flowers as I can put in front of me and as large as I can paint at the time.  My first 2 posts are of paintings from website but I will start fresh with painting and posting hopefully weekly. it will be nice to have some feed back.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fruit and Flowers On Blue


Tablescape on Blue
 This painting is a collection of flowers and personal treasures with a cool morning light  from my studio  window . Creating a still life  appeals to my nesting instincts possibly because of the 21 moves in my married life time.  I am grateful for the wonderful experiences and places I have lived.