Friday, November 11, 2011

Out of My Studio

The Path to the Water
oil on canvas
         The Path to the Water
It is always fun to paint with a group.On the way
to paint a beautiful water view with the
 path that was still in morning shade. I could
 not wait for the sun to come so I went on
down to the dock to paint There I found a great
 still life. Yes there was a beautiful water view
  but my love of flowers and still lifes won.
It was a wonderful day to be out.       

A Sink with a View
oil on gessoed panel
  A Sink with a View


  1. Sandra- Both of these are just beautiful! Having just seen the views you have from your home and studio on a daily basis, I can appreciate your level of inspiration....just looking around and you find beauty everywhere. Wonderful paintings and look forward to more!

  2. Wonderful! Love seeing your work. And love seeing your work and hearing about your inspiration here on your blog. Setting another great example, Mom!

  3. Hey there Sandra!! Great paintings and a blog too!! Woohoo... Great job. Hope all is well, tell Jack hello!