Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting with a Friend

  My good painting friend Barbara Benedict came to paint with me before she left for the summer.We set up under my umbrellas to enjoy the day. it is always amazing to see results from two painters.
           You can also see my set up with a wagon and my Beauport easel.
I will take pictures and share another time  

It took Me another outing but what the heck it beats cleaning house. .  
 Barbara finished and now gets to relax.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When is a painting finished is one of the questions that plague an artist. My answer is  when I can think of no where else to add paint or it goes out the door. Hopefully both scenarios are in agreement. In January I did a demo and tried to keep it simple for me. I was pleased with it as a demo but not as a painting. Eventually it came back to me that there was not enough happening to balance the busy bouquet. So here we go.

Searching  for a painting  I began to draw with my oil pastels. There is always a point where you see what the composition  needs.

 I like the way it is moving but it is obvious the apple has to go away. That is the fun and the power as long as it is my painting I can be the decision maker. It is all about what I want. Life is great when you can have your way and just wipe out what you do not like.

Flowers and Sweetgrass Basket
Apple  is gone but there was a need for more tangerines and color in the window. It is always about balancing color for me.
This was finally finished and sign . So the answer is 31/2 months later I decide I have done all I can. 
 Flowers and Sweetgrass Basket is now ready for the Art and Flower Show at Colleton River Plantation, Sunday May 6, 2012.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Azaleas in My Garden

What a wonderful surprise the azaleas are beginning to bloom. The mild winter in the lowcountry has the buds a full two or three weeks early this year. I will take flowers instead of snow anytime.  They are not in full bloom yet and I am busily sprucing the yard to host the Lowcountry Plein Air Society for a paintout. Thinking of all my new friends and wishing they were here.  I will post pictures of the event later this month. This painting will be at Indigo Gallery  in Beaufort ,SC. for the Spring Art Walk, March the 17, 2012.   If you are in this area, this is a fantastic time to contact me and come out to the Garden Studio Gallery.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creating a Painting in January


January always needs Warm Summer Colors because I am counting the days for warm weather. I know that is a joke for some of my family and friends in cooler climates,but I am a Hot House Rose
This was a demo for the Beaufort Art Association that I promised I would post. I will probably add some clutter on the table because that is just me but I decided to post as it was finished.  Below  are a few of the many steps of the painting. One of the steps clearly shows an important lesson I learned from Sharon Burkett Kaiser," if something is not working take it out!" About the time I was finishing I decided to take out a yellow lily and add more gerbers for the red to balance. That's the fun of painting I can do if I want to, it is my painting.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

White Camellias from My Garden

White Camellias in Morning Light
January is a  special time at the Garden Studio Gallery because the camellias are magnificent. My personal favorites are the big open whites combined with a Chinese pot or vase, citrus fruit,and a sweetgrass basket. All are treasures of winter in the South Carolina Lowcountry. It is my plan to be painting them for most of January.  I will be demonstrating flower painting January 18th for the Beaufort Art Association. If you are in the area visitors are welcome.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to the Garden Studio Gallery

Welcome to my Garden Studio Gallery
. Sharing the process and the finished painting is part of the enjoyment of painting for me. Through classes and following blogs of Leslie Saeta, Drema Tolle Perry Carol Marine,Kathy Coursart, Kelly McDonald and the tie that binds it all Jerry Stocks, I have found the entrance to a world of artists.  My appreciation goes out to all of them for sharing their journey. I am looking forward to this new year in my studio. There is always a welcome if you are  in this area to stop in for a visit or painting spree.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Out of My Studio

The Path to the Water
oil on canvas
         The Path to the Water
It is always fun to paint with a group.On the way
to paint a beautiful water view with the
 path that was still in morning shade. I could
 not wait for the sun to come so I went on
down to the dock to paint There I found a great
 still life. Yes there was a beautiful water view
  but my love of flowers and still lifes won.
It was a wonderful day to be out.       

A Sink with a View
oil on gessoed panel
  A Sink with a View